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Uzen is an oil and gas field in Mangistau region of Kazakhstan, on the Mangyshlak half island. It refers to the South Mangystau oil and gas field.
It was opened in 1961. The deposits are at a depth of 0.9 - 2.4 km. Oil production rate is 10 - 81 tons / day. Gas flow rates are from 8.0 to 230 thousand. m3/day. The oil density is 844-874 kg/m ³, the sulfur content is 0, 16-2%, paraffin -16-22, 6%, resins 8-20%.
Oil reserves are estimated at 1.1 billion tons. Production center is the city Zhanaozen.
The operator of the deposit is the Kazakh oil company Exploration and Production "KazMunayGas". Oil production in 2008 amounted to 7 million barrels. The record level of oil production - 16.3 million tonnes was recorded in 1975, the minimum - 2.7 million tons in 1994.