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Royal is an oil field located in the Atyrau region of Kazakhstan, 150 km south-east of Atyrau and 20 km north-east of the oil giant - the Tengiz field. Search and exploratory drilling commenced in 1982 and became the year of its opening.
The producing levels were detected in the supra-salt and sub-salt complexes. The oil reservoir of the supra-salt complex in the Upper Cretaceous deposits is associated with a salt-dome structure. Productivity of the sub-salt complex is confined to the Paleozoic anticlinal fold of the tectonic-sedimentation type.

The Paleozoic oil reservoir was connected with the Artinskian rocks of the Lower Perm and the carbon sediments. It occurs at a depth of 3952 m. The deposit is massive. The Productive mass is composed of limestone.
Oil is very heavy, the density is 965 kg/m3, sulfury (2%), and low paraffin (0.52%) contains 2.2% of asphaltenes.

The deposit is being explored for the sub-salt deposits. The supra-salt reservoir complex is suspended.

The total geological reserves are188 million tons of oil.