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Zhanazhol is a gas condensate field in the near Aktobe region - Mugalzhar, Kazakhstan. It belongs to the Caspian oil and gas province. It was opened in 1978. Hydrocarbon deposits are located at a depth of 1.9 - 3.6 km.

Oil production rate is of 2 to 281 tons / day. Gas flow rate is 219 thousand m3/day.

The oil density is of 809-827 kg/m³, low viscosity, sulfur (0.7 - 1.11%), paraffin (4,9-7,1%). The content of silica gel resins is 4.23 - 6.8%, asphaltene 1.78% 0.43.

The gas caps gas is heavy containing ethane, the percentage of heavy hydrocarbons in it reaches 18.5%, 73.24% methane, 2.94%, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen – up to 1.93%.
The content of stable condensate is 614 g/m3. Its density is 770 kg/m3; it contains paraffin – up to 3.6%, 0.41% sulfur and 0.55% silica gel resins. The hydrocarbon composition of the condensate has a paraffin base. The total content of paraffin-naphthene hydrocarbons exceeds 86%.

Production center is Zhanazhol village.

Zhanazhol is being developed by Chinese oil company CNPC-Aktobemunaygas. Oil production in 2008 totaled 6.325 million tons.