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Karachaganak field is an oil and gas field in Kazakhstan, located in West Kazakhstan region, near the town of Aksai. It was opened in 1979. Commercial development began in the mid-1980s, by production association "Orenburggazprom", Ministry of Gas Industry. In 1989, the Ministry was reorganized in RAO "Gazprom" /

The Field’s characteristic
Karashaganaksky elevation was formed by the reef building, height up to 1.7 km. The reservoir is oil and gas and it is solid. The height of the condensate reaches 1420 m; thickness of oil layer is 200 m. The productive deposits are from the Upper Devon to Lower Perm.
The condensate density varies from 778 to 814 kg / m ³. The oil density ranges from 810 to 888 kg / m ³. The oil contains: sulfur up to 2%; paraffin up to 6%. The gas formation consists of methane - 70%, ethane-6%, propane 3% and other gases 21%. The hydrogen sulfide content in the gas is up to 4%.
It belongs to the Caspian oil and gas province.

Reserves of the fields’
The initial reserves are 1.35 trillion cubic meters of gas and 1.2 billion tons of oil and gas condensate.
Operators of the deposits
After obtaining the independence the Kazakh government has refused to cooperate with RAO "Gazprom" and started to seek foreign partners to develop the deposit.
At present the deposits under production-sharing agreements are being developed by an international consortium of British Gas and Eni (by 32,5%), ChevronTexaco (20%) and "Lukoil" (15%). To implement the Karachaganak project these companies have united in a consortium "Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV" (KPO B.V). It is planned that the KPO will manage the project until 2038.
The Field development project plans to increase the annual gas production by 2012 to 25 billion cubic meters. From the Karachaganak field a part of the gas is delivered via the condensate pipeline to Orenburg (for processing at the Orenburg gas processing plant).
The Kazakh oil company KazMunayGas can join the project in the result of the sale of British Gas and Eni shares.
Oil production including the gas condensate in 2007 was 11.6 million tons. Gas production in 2007 amounted to 14.2 billion m3.
Project Chronicle
1979 - Opening of the Karachaganak field
1984 - Start of operations
1992 - The beginning of the negotiation process between the Government of Kazakhstan and companies Eni and BG Group on signing a Production Sharing Agreement
1995 - Agreement on the principles of division of production, the negotiations continue
1997 - The entry of companies ChevronTexaco and "LUKOIL" in an international consortium. The signing of the November Final Production Sharing Agreement (FPSA) for 40 years
1998 - Start of the FPSA
1999 - Start of construction
2000 - Signing of contract for major works. Moving the KPO in Aksai
2001 - Completion of a 28-kilometer rail link from Aksai to Karachaganak field.

Visiting of Karachaganak by the President of Kazakhstan and the inauguration of a new plant.
Pipeline Aksai-CTC. The pumping station Bolshoi Chagan
2002 - Record levels of exports of condensate - more than 18 thousand tons per day. A 635 kilometers export pipeline was constructed: Karachaganak gets access to the pipeline of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC). The KPO was awarded by the chairman of BG Group for its high performance in safety, health and the environment.
2003 - President of Kazakhstan gives an official start of the production facilities of Phase 2
2004 - Sending the first installment of the Karachaganak oil from the Novorossiysk Marine Terminal
2005 - Commissioning of the 4th generator for KPC

2006 - Start pumping the condensate through a pipeline Atyrau - Samara
2038 - The expiration of the FPSA