10 years anniversary KAZENERGY

North Caspian Operating Company N.V.

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 20:04

ATTN: Mr. T. Kulibayev

Chairman of KAZENERGY Association



Dear Mr. Kulibayev,


Please accept my warmest congratulations on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of KAZENERGY Association which deserves the most genuine gratitude and respect.

Establishment of KAZENERGY Association ten years ago was fairly recognized as a significant milestone in the history of Kazakhstan’s energy sector. From the very beginning, the Association was actively engaged in building the environment favorable for dynamic and sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector. In the last ten years, KAZENERGY has become an organization to provide an efficient mechanism of building a constructive dialogue between the government and businesses. Taking an active part in ensuring the rational balance of interests of the state and large energy companies, KAZENERGY has become a good example of effective cooperation. It is also acknowledged by KAZENERGY annual forums which gained a high reputation through the international energy community.  

The Association’s contribution to legislative activity and infrastructure development, local content training and manpower nationalization, social and training projects as well as the environment protection, is highly appreciated. It was achieved first of all owing to employees and professional management of the Association. We hope that this anniversary will serve as a starting point to achieving new milestones and goals.

I wish health and wellbeing, new inspirations and achievements to all employees and members of KAZENERGY Association.


Stephane de Mahieu

Managing Director

North Caspian Operating Company N.V.


Chevron Eurasia

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 20:01

It’s a great pleasure for me to extend warm greetings and congratulations to KAZENERGY on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.  As the Republic of Kazakhstan’s key energy association, KAZENERGY has built a strong and robust membership and serves as an important platform for advancing recommendations and productive solutions in support of Kazakhstan’s goals of economic growth and prosperity.      

As the first  major international energy investor in Kazakhstan, Chevron highly values the partnership we have established with KAZENERGY association and is proud of its many accomplishments. In today’s ever changing global energy environment, the oil and gas industry needs to respond to growing challenges with renewed efficiency and commitment. With its strong leadership and record of achievement, KAZENERGY is well positioned to meet the many exciting challenges and opportunities ahead. 

We wish KAZENERGY leadership and members all the very best on its 10th anniversary and to its long term success.



 Scott Davis,

Managing Director

Chevron Eurasia  


N Operating Company LLP

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 19:58

Dear Kazakhstan Association of Oil, Gas and Energy Sector Organizations (KAZENERGY) team,     

N Operating Company LLP sincerely congratulates you on the 10th anniversary!   

“KAZENERGY” Association is making a significant contribution in supporting major oil and gas sector companies – partners and members of the Association and in development of fuel and energy complex of Kazakhstan.         

Over 10 years the “KAZENERGY” Association contributed in the development of energy sector of Kazakhstan becoming the information area for oil and gas industry specialists and other subsoil users.

KAZENERGY EURASIAN FORUM engaged a lot of international and Kazakh experts and has become a convenient area to share experiences, technologies and new business ideas.       

Oil, gas and energy sector is the main strategic driver in the development of Kazakhstan economy and plays a key role in implementation of the strategy on inclusion of Kazakhstan in the list of 50 most competitive countries of the world and that is why “KAZENERGY” Association is an integral part of a huge mechanism working to achieve this goal.   

We wish the Association to achieve set goals and further development. We are looking forward to working with the Association in the future!         

Best regards,

N Operating Company LLP 


«KMG International»

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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 19:53

Date: 29.07.2015

To: Kazakhstan Association of Oil&Gas and Energy Sector Organisations KAZENERGY

In the attention of General Director, Mr. Asset Magauov

Dear Mr. Asset Magauov,

KMG International uses this opportunity to congratulate KAZENERGY on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, an international well-reputed forum developing over the years as one of the most significant oil and gas events in Kazakhstan and the Eurasian region.

Through continuous initiatives, KAZENERGY successfully promotes the interests of oil and gas sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its partners, creating a constructive dialogue between the business environment and the authorities, this being one of the most important steps in the further development of Kazakhstan.

Over the years, KMG International has been a proud member of this Association and supported its events and we believe that a continuous partnership based on trust will build a beneficial platform of cooperation in order to ensure the energy security of the region.

As a large oil and gas player, we are proud to emphasize that our partnership has strongly contributed to promoting our business on the global energy market and of Kazakhstan equally. The infrastructure created to support and improve the business environment, the initiatives and the comprehensive dialogue developed along the years proved to be the premises for a strong, long term and successful cooperation.

Moreover, as a major foreign asset and investment of the National Company KazMunayGas, KMG International created an energy bridge between the natural resources of Kazakhstan and the consumer needs of European markets. Through this acquisition, we have always focused on promoting the national brand of Kazakhstan in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions and on the international markets as well.

In this changing energy world, Eurasia and Kazakhstan have the significant potential of becoming a resources hub. We are confident that KAZENERGY will continue to play its role as a trustworthy partner and will create further favorable contexts for sustainable development of energy businesses in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

With high appreciation,

Zhanat Tussupbekov,

Chief Executive Officer of KMG International



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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 19:46

Dear Asset Maratovich!

Having considered your letter No 07-03.560 dated 24.07.2015 please kindly see the text of partner congratulation letter for publication in the special issue of “KAZENERGY” magazine.

“Shareholders and staff of “CNPC Aktobemunaigas” have the honour to express sincere congratulations to «КAZENERGY» Association on their 10th anniversary from the date of its establishment.

Congratulating the Association with its anniversary, first of all, it is necessary to emphasize the deserved and multi-faced contribution of the organization to the development of investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan, including, optimization of investment climate in the oil and gas industry. The vigorous coordinating activity of "KAZENERGY" has become a bright instrument in interaction of energy participants in the Republic. High professional and staff potential, application of advanced models of management, focus on a dynamic deepening the public-private partnership are the defining success factors of the Association on its 10-year path. There is nothing more valuable, than the commonwealth of professionals, integrated by common ideology through the Association.

The Association activity is a symbiosis of progress and business determination where the Kazakhstan-Chinese cooperation in the oil and gas industry  is  a bright touch.

The company "CNPC Aktobemunaigas" in honour of 10th anniversary wishes "KAZENERGY" Association further multi-faced progress in the union of professionals and confidence in advance of new ideas and projects!"

 First General Director Deputy                   Yessengulov T.S.              



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