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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 19:58

Dear Kazakhstan Association of Oil, Gas and Energy Sector Organizations (KAZENERGY) team,     

N Operating Company LLP sincerely congratulates you on the 10th anniversary!   

“KAZENERGY” Association is making a significant contribution in supporting major oil and gas sector companies – partners and members of the Association and in development of fuel and energy complex of Kazakhstan.         

Over 10 years the “KAZENERGY” Association contributed in the development of energy sector of Kazakhstan becoming the information area for oil and gas industry specialists and other subsoil users.

KAZENERGY EURASIAN FORUM engaged a lot of international and Kazakh experts and has become a convenient area to share experiences, technologies and new business ideas.       

Oil, gas and energy sector is the main strategic driver in the development of Kazakhstan economy and plays a key role in implementation of the strategy on inclusion of Kazakhstan in the list of 50 most competitive countries of the world and that is why “KAZENERGY” Association is an integral part of a huge mechanism working to achieve this goal.   

We wish the Association to achieve set goals and further development. We are looking forward to working with the Association in the future!         

Best regards,

N Operating Company LLP