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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 20:04

ATTN: Mr. T. Kulibayev

Chairman of KAZENERGY Association



Dear Mr. Kulibayev,


Please accept my warmest congratulations on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of KAZENERGY Association which deserves the most genuine gratitude and respect.

Establishment of KAZENERGY Association ten years ago was fairly recognized as a significant milestone in the history of Kazakhstan’s energy sector. From the very beginning, the Association was actively engaged in building the environment favorable for dynamic and sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector. In the last ten years, KAZENERGY has become an organization to provide an efficient mechanism of building a constructive dialogue between the government and businesses. Taking an active part in ensuring the rational balance of interests of the state and large energy companies, KAZENERGY has become a good example of effective cooperation. It is also acknowledged by KAZENERGY annual forums which gained a high reputation through the international energy community.  

The Association’s contribution to legislative activity and infrastructure development, local content training and manpower nationalization, social and training projects as well as the environment protection, is highly appreciated. It was achieved first of all owing to employees and professional management of the Association. We hope that this anniversary will serve as a starting point to achieving new milestones and goals.

I wish health and wellbeing, new inspirations and achievements to all employees and members of KAZENERGY Association.


Stephane de Mahieu

Managing Director

North Caspian Operating Company N.V.