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In September 4-5, 2008 Astana hosted III Eurasian Energy Forum «KAZENERGY» which has already become a traditional event devoted to discussing key issues and aspects of the development of the national and global energy.
Prime Minister Karim Massimov, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sauat Mynbayev, Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimir Shkolnik, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Mehmet Hilmi Guler, the President of the Association KAZENERGY Timur Kulibayev, President of the World Petroleum Board Randall Gossen, the first leaders of the domestic and foreign oil and energy companies and others took a direct part in the Forum discussions.

In total, the forum was attended by over 400 reputable and well known representatives of the government, the business community, diplomatic and expert circles. The event has accredited 40 domestic and foreign media. 

Thus, another Eurasian Forum reiterated that on the scale it has no analogues in the whole Central Asian region.

The main theme of the III Eurasian Energy Forum - "Global Challenges - Energy Solutions" - was accentuated by discussing the relationship of the global and national energy processes that led to reasonably high level of interest from all participants and guests. 

The choice of the basic topics of the Forum was clearly justified by the critical processes and trends that are most urgent and manifested on a large scale to date, affecting the energy interests, as in Kazakhstan and the world community. In total, within the two days of the Forum there have been held eight plenary sessions and sections.

The discussions that covered both the strategic issues related to further prospects of the development of Kazakhstan and the global energy and specialized aspects, such as the geology of oil and gas or companies’ reputation at the cutting edge of global energy challenges, the forum participants, as was generally admitted, were able to build an effective and mutually beneficial dialogue.

Upon completion of the work there was accepted a joint final statement which reflected the major findings and recommendations of the plenary sessions and sections to promote fundamental advances of the Kazakh oil and gas and energy sector, to ensure the global energy security.




During the III Eurasian Energy Forum KAZENERGY the following key questions were discussed:
- The strategy of the oil and gas and energy sector of Kazakhstan in the context of global processes;
- The global energy challenges and strategy development of the energy industry of Kazakhstan; vectors of the oil and gas development in Kazakhstan;
- Social and environmental responsibility;
- Competition in the market
of the advanced oil and gas technologies;
- Effective solutions and technologies in the energy industry, the integration of energy markets;
- Renewable energy;
- Management of the industry in terms of sustainable economic development; oil and gas geology.


Natural energy resources and the created production, scientific, technical and personnel potential of the energy sector of Kazakhstan is a key national asset. The effective use of this asset is a necessary foundation and migration to the path of sustainable development, ensuring the welfare of the people. To take full advantage of this priceless treasure, to ensure the long-term energy security of Kazakhstan in today's economy, lay the foundation for long-term stable energy supply of the nation and keep the state's energy independence, the delegates of the Forum intend to fully support the implementation of a systematic and effective national energy dialogue. 

The participants of the III Eurasian Energy Forum KAZENERGY, expressing their full interest in the advancing and dynamic progress of the Kazakhstan oil and gas and energy sector, deepening the energy dialogue, taking into account the need to consolidate efforts for the further development of common approaches and principles for the development of the domestic energy, expanding of the public-private partnership, support the adoption of the following conceptual principles and recommendations:

 - encourage active participation of the local business, NGOs, experts of Kazakhstan, with the support of the State, in developing the profile republican legislation, the most important legal acts that have a significant impact on the development of the national energy sector and economy as a whole;
support the further strengthening of the national dialogue between the Government and business, the work of relevant committees and Interagency Coordinating Committees, initiated by the Association;
- promote measures aimed at the development of socially-oriented businesses, facilitating further dissemination of the principles of social responsibility;

- promote the legislative and financial measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the domestic manufacturing sector of the domestic energy sector, in particular, aimed at upgrading of the existing and building new refineries and petrochemical plants ;

- Involve the business and the state in the breakthrough projects and actions aimed at ensuring the environmental sustainability of the energy sector of Kazakhstan, as well as a broad introduction of renewable and alternative energy sources, efficient tools and mechanisms for energy conservation;

- promote the country's nuclear power industry based on the latest and safest technologies, support the development on the existing national base of breakthrough research and development activities focused on energy;
- promote the structural increase of knowledge-intensity and technological effectiveness of the domestic energy industry that create real conditions for the breakthrough of Kazakhstan to become one of the advanced power states;

- consider the possibility of studying the international experience of establishing the uniform eligibility requirements, certification, and create a database of the personnel reserve of the oil and gas and energy industries; to assist in the development of effective measures to support the Kazakh geology and exploration;
- systematize efforts to promote and phase advance in Kazakhstan Energy of the International Transparency Initiative;
- support actions aimed at improving the national profile of education and training of specialized personnel for the energy industry;

- support the initiatives of the Association KAZENERGY to deepen the international energy cooperation including in the context of the accession of the Republic to major global energy forums and organizations.