Forum KAZENERGY – a historical perspective

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Forum KAZENERGY – a historical perspective

The first Eurasian forum KAZENERGY held in 2006 drew attention of the participants to the overall theme "The oil and gas industry and energy" on the preservation of ecological balance, the creation of a petrochemical cluster, the issues of local content and creation of the energy infrastructure, the introduction of alternative sources of energy. Then the Forum hosted more than 200 delegates.

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In the result, the First Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY formulated the main activities of the Association KAZENERGY.
The Forum has become an essential tool of practical assistance to KAZENERGY initiatives. In particular, it supported the initiative of the Association KAZENERGY of the creation of the Interagency Commission on the development of the oil and gas and energy sector, as well as was approved the adoption of the Eurasian Pact on Stability of Energy supplies and the Pact of Stability in the Caspian Region.

At the same time the emphasis were placed on the development of the local content on the service market of mineral resources, petrochemical production in the light of the implementation of state programs for the development of the petrochemical industry.

The second Eurasian KAZENERGY Forum was devoted to discussion of topical issues of the development of the oil and gas and energy industry, including a review of analytical data, the formulation of proposals and recommendations, coordination of common approaches to the creation of effective regulatory mechanisms and practical tools of activities of the key sector of the economy, as well as discussions about the role of national companies to provide competitiveness of the economy.

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In the result of the Second Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY decisions have been taken to support the development of concepts, laws and programs aimed at developing new directions in energy alternatives, promote high-tech, energy-efficient technologies that meet environmental requirements and actively contribute to the creation in the power energy sector of a favorable investment climate; to develop proposals for improving the environment and occupational safety; support the initiative of energy integration in the countries of the SCO.

The third Eurasian forum KAZENERGY held in 2008 focused attention on discussing the topical and complex processes and trends that have manifested themselves most acutely and on a large scale during the period, affecting the energy interests of both, Kazakhstan and the entire world community.

More than 400 delegates of the Third Forum made a special emphasis on responsibility and reliability of Kazakhstan as an international partner in the energy sector under the main theme "Global Challenges – Energy Solutions”.
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Having gathered 800 participants from 15 countries of the world, the Fourth Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY during the Kazakhstan energy week - Kazakhstan Energy Week, focused on the crucial subject which became the defining outline for all the held discussions - "Global Challenges and Strategic Alliances.”

In particular, the IV Eurasian Energy Forum paid more attention to the subject of an energy partnership between Europe and Asia.

The reason is that the reliable supply of all countries with energy resources is one of the most important factors of stability on the Eurasian continent. And above all, we are talking about coordination between the countries of the balanced, mutually beneficial energy policy.

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In all, eight plenary sessions and sections have been held. Within two days of the Forum there were also discussed the issues of development of power industry and transportation of energy, development of infrastructure projects and development of Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea, the prospects for oil and gas chemicals and refining, forming a unified and coherent policy of cooperation and the search of new financial instruments for investment in major international energy projects.

The Fourth Forum from the Kazakh side was attended by Prime Minister Karim Masimov, Advisor to the President Nurlan Balgimbayev, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sauat Mynbayev, Minister of Environment Nurgali Ashimov, Chairman of the Association KazEnergy Timur Kulibayev, Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC “KazMunayGas” Kairgeldy Kabyldin and others.

Among the foreign speakers were Gerhard Schroeder, the 33rd Chancellor of Germany, a member of the board of directors, the chairman of Nord Stream AG Committee of shareholders, Randall Gossen, President of the World Petroleum Council, Traicho Traikov, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria, Rovnag Abdullaev,  President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and others .

According to the results of the Fourth Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY the taken decisions were aimed at deepening the cooperation between Kazakhstan and key international partners; the formation of the regional mechanisms for mutual support to overcome the effects of the global economic crisis on the energy sector, raising the importance of the environmental component in the energy sector, accelerating the modernization of the existing and creation of new refining and petrochemical enterprises in Kazakhstan, increase of the local content in the energy industry of the country, ensuring the necessary level of the state support, including investment, to develop further the national energy sector, strengthening the process of modernization and increase of the electricity generation capacity, including low-power, the introduction of alternative sources of energy.