V Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY

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"Energy map of Eurasia: Balance Risks and new opportunities"
October 5-6, 2010, Astana, Kazakhstan


The participants of the V Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY, recognizing the priority of sustainable growth of the oil and gas energy system of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region, strengthening the role of Kazakhstan as a guarantor of the continental energy security, the importance of environmental security, the development of new energy sources, as well as testifying to the unity of views on all the issues, state the effort to solve the following problems: 

- Strengthening of the systematic and sustainable development of the international oil and gas and energy partnership, taking full account of the interests and opinions of all the countries of the continent;
- Creation and support the initiatives to strengthen mutual energy confidence and integration across Eurasia;
- Development of proposals and recommendations to improve energy security in the Eurasian continent, including, for the Summit of Heads of the States of OSCE in Astana on December 1-2, 2010;

- Creating new opportunities for the oil and gas and energy industries, as well as implementation of quality post-crisis growth strategies;

 - Joint efforts to improve the environmental sustainability of the oil and gas industries in Eurasia, including in the Caspian region, to expand and strengthen partnerships to prevent man-made disasters, sharing of experience and innovative developments in the field of environmental safety;

- Support the development and conclusion by the Caspian states of the intergovernmental agreements on environmentally sound management of natural resources and cooperation in preventing accidents. An example is the Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Government of Azerbaijan on cooperation in the field of civil defense and disaster situations, the signing of which was held during the Forum;
- Promotion of the execution by the continent states of the commitments under the global environmental agreements, including the Kyoto Protocol and subsequent initiatives;          

- Intensification of mutually beneficial cooperation and dialogue between investors and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
- Strengthening the development of transit pipeline capacity of Eurasia for the formation of a balanced energy market;

- Further diversification of the energy system of Kazakhstan, increasing the share of value-added manufacturing in the oil-gas and other sectors;

 - Providing full support to increase the share of renewable and alternative energy sources in total energy mix, increase the profitability of their use, investment attraction and further technological and legislative progress in this area.


The delegates of the V Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY expressed the firm belief that the dialogue which allowed to clarify the objectives, principles and strategy of the progress of the energy sector in the post-crisis development, will have a positive impact on strengthening partnerships, creating a favorable investment climate, increase attention to the environmental protection and environmental responsibility, will give new impetus to the business and intergovernmental cooperation.

The strategic partnership will help to make optimal use of resources and potential of the Eurasian continent as a leading global energy entity for the prosperity of all mankind and ensure long-term energy stability!