Astana city, the capital of Kazakhstan, is to hold one of the largest events in the energy, oil and gas sectors: The Vth KAZENERGYEurasian Forum.

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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 22:09

OILMARKET. Astana city, the capital of Kazakhstan, is to hold one of the largest events in the energy, oil and gas sectors: The Vth KAZENERGYEurasian Forum.

Since the First Eurasian Forum, which took place in 2006, the event has gained considerable authority as a forum for debate, regularly inviting leading representatives of the global energy industry, state officials, members of the business community and industry experts.

Trends in the development of the oil-gas, electric energy and petro chemistry industries are discussed, as well as methods of forming fair and united policies of international cooperation, and searching for new ways to invest in Eurasia’s largest international energy projects. New technologies and production methods are demonstrated, and strategically important agreements are made with partners and clients.
It should be noted that the Forum’s organizer is Kazakhstan’s largest industry union: the KAZENERGYAssociation.
Uniting more than 40 of the most influential players in the oil-gas and energy market of Kazakhstan, the KAZENERGYAssociation has strengthened its position as a key instrument for ensuring the interaction and cooperation of state and businesses.
The Association takes an active role in producing effective industrial legislature, promoting issues of social responsibility in business, and training young professionals. This includes KAZENERGY’SEducational Program, among many other projects.
Aiming to promote effective discussion about a wide range of issues linked with the complex development of the energy industry, the KAZENERGYForum offers a marvelous opportunity to explore common points of view, new vectors of interaction, and balanced and functional solutions for existing challenges and problems.
During the proceedings of the KAZENERGYForums, an effective model of dialogue has been established. This is evident from the results of previous Forums, from which have arisen actual recommendations to be implemented step-by-step.

Awaiting the Fifth KAZENERGYEurasian Forum
The theme of the Fifth Eurasian Forum will be “Eurasian Energy Map: balance of risks and new opportunities”, which directs attention towards current conditions of and perspectives on energy in Eurasia, including its political and economic aspects, and the issue of international cooperation.
Ensuring secure and stable cooperation in the energy sector is a crucial long-term goal not only for single countries but for the global community.
Preserving the stability of worldwide and domestic communities can be achieved first through strengthening mutual understanding and the complex processes of cooperation between all actors in the global energy sphere, whether states or corporations.
This is why delegates at the Fifth Eurasian Forum KAZENERGYwill so thoroughly discuss the issues and opportunities involved in Eurasian energy partnership, as well as the combined containment of risks and more problematic moments.
Supplying all countries with reliable energy resources is an important basis of stability in Eurasia. Countries within the region should coordinate and balance their energy policies.
The Forum will scrutinize the geopolitical issues that play an increasingly important role in energy policy. This issue is topical both for Kazakhstan, which is actively strengthening its position as an important energy centre in Eurasia, and for the other countries involved.


As a result, delegates of the Forum during its plenary meeting – “Energy geopolitics: the role of Eurasia and balance of interests” – will discuss key aspects of energy geopolitics as a means of fostering effective and mutually beneficial systems of international relations, free of scaled risks and interstate contradictions. Moreover, debate during the session entitled “Energy security: balance between transit routes, centers of supply and consumption” will provide the opportunity to develop an effective formula for supporting the balance of interests between suppliers and consumers of energy resources that is so crucial to the continent’s energy stability.
Issues concerning the transportation of energy resources, ecology and environment protection, investment climate, renewable energy and energy efficiency will also receive thorough study. For instance, participants of the Forum will hold open debates on ‘new generation’ energy, the attractiveness to investors of Kazakhstan and the Caspian region, along with other aspects of these topics.
During the session “Lessons of the global economic crisis: the role of energy industry in the recovery of post-crisis economies”, the Forum delegates will also try to find a common vision for post-crisis development of global energy, and ways of containing of risks as the crisis continues. It should be noted that the primary feature of the KAZENERGYFifth Eurasian Forum will be a complex analysis of problems and aspects of environment protection and climate change, as well as consideration of how best to prevent industrial catastrophes. A sensitive attitude to environmental concerns must be the priority during the stable development of the energy industry.
Debate during such sessions as “Energy and climate changes: global scenarios and risks”, “Lessons of the Gulf of Mexico disaster”, “Caspian Sea: ways of mitigating industrial risks” will offer an opportunity to form new approaches and make practical recommendations concerning these important problems. Such a large event as KAZENERGYEurasian Forum attracts the attention of key public figures and companies, playing an important role in developing the world oil-gas sector.
This year, as is traditional, the Forum is expected to gather a high-level audience.
Leaders in Kazakhstan’s government and state bodies, will participate alongside foreign officials in the work of the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum. For instance, Karim Massimov, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan; Sauat Mynbayev, Minister of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan; Nurgali Ashimov, Minister of Environment Protection of Kazakhstan; and other well-known persons will be among the Forum’s delegates.
One of the key speakers at the Forum will be the former Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, who holds considerable authority in today’s world energy sector. It is worth noting that the leaders and managers of the largest energy companies, both in Kazakhstan and worldwide will contribute to the Forum’s proceedings and debates.
In particular, the Fifth KAZENERGYEurasian Forum will be attended by the Secretary General of the World Energy Council, Christoph Frei; the President of the World Petroleum Council, Randall Gossen; Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Leonid Bokhanovskiy; and top representatives of such industry leaders as KazMunaiGas, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total, ConocoPhillips, Tengizchevroil, BG, CNPC, Repsol, KEGOC and others. In conclusion, it is clear that the KAZENERGYForum has become an important component of decision-making and the processes of rapprochement at a global as well as a national level. The Fifth KAZENERGYEurasian Forum will without doubt provide those processes with considerable impetus to ensure the stable development of Eurasian energy.