The National Energy Report

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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 15:23


KAZENERGY National Energy Report 2015 provides complex representation of current situation and outlook on development of base sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy. Main goals of the report – analysis of current state of coal, oil and gas, uranium industries, as well as areas of production, transport, distribution, marketing and consumption of electric and heat energy. The report also evaluates potential of Kazakhstan in usage of renewable energy sources, implementation of “green initiatives”, decreasing of energy and resource intensity of the economy, in the light of hosting International Exhibition EXPO-2017.

Apart from that, the publication includes research on geopolitical and economic changes, which substantially impacted economy and energy sector of Kazakhstan. IHS analysts outlined medium-term picture of the future for Kazakhstan, associated with an increase in the total volume of crude oil, as well as pricing on the international oil markets.

In response to these new challenges of today, as well as the focus of the Republic of Kazakhstan Strategy for sustainable political and economic development in the region, we offer you an electronic version of the of the KAZENERGY National Energy Report 2015.