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Association KAZENERGY unites more than 70 major players in the oil, gas and energy business – extracting, transporting, servicing, geophysical, uranium-producing and other transnational companies.

The present Chairman of the Association, elected by the General Meeting, is Timur A. Kulibayev who represents KAZENERGY in the Interdepartmental Commission on oil and gas sector in the 
KAZENERGY Association was established on 2 November 2005 as an independent non-commercial union of legal entities, which is challenged to promote creation of favorable conditions for the dynamic and sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The Association is to become a unified ‘information harbor’ for oilmen, gas workers, other subsoil users, power engineers, transporters, as well as for a wide range of users and consumers of products and services of oil-gas and energy sector. 


KAZENERGY Association is an independent voluntary non-profit organization aimed at creating favorable conditions for the dynamic and sustainable development of oil-and-gas and electric power industry of Kazakhstan.


An efficient and sustainable energy industry in highly competitive and stable Kazakhstan, that implements a responsible policy of Central Eurasian energy hub.


  • Representation of interests and protection of rights of the Association members with state bodies; harmonization of legislative framework
  • Creation of an information network for subsoil users, power generation and distribution companies, transporters and consumers of goods and services of the energy sector
  • Development and support of cooperation and entrepreneurship projects on local, regional and international levels
  • Promotion of positive reputation of the Association, its members and entire industry at regional and global levels
  • Stimulation of economic, social, environmental, and scientific-research activity with the Kazakhstan community

Principles and Values

  • Democracy. All Association members are eligible to have equal rights and liabilities in organization regardless of size and type of property. The Association supports democratic governance and facilitates to create efficient highly-competitive organizational structure in Kazakhstan.
  • Involvement. The Association members take part in accomplishing special programs and carrying activities of the organization into effect. The Association promotes strategic initiatives directed to develop not only fuel-energy sector, but also Kazakhstan’s society overall.
  • Environmental concern. All Association members must strictly follow the ecological standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Association facilitates to design and apply environmental friendly, resource-saving technologies in the country, therefore creating conditions for sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan in long-term perspectives.
  • Professionalism. The Association members try to establish professional relationship and communication in the organization in accordance with the international standards. The Association is intending to develop and train highly qualified specialists in energy sector of the country through the special programs.
  • Openness. All Association members should be open and fair in promoting the activity within the scope of the Association. The Association develops a complex of programs which contribute to confidence in enterprises working in oil-gas sector by increasing the transparency of their activities.
  • Responsibility. The Association members are companies that promote social responsibility of the business. The Association facilitates the development of social partnership and co-operation culture between enterprises of fuel-energy sector, state bodies, the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international communities.
  • Innovativeness. All members of the Association are entitled to design their own programs and projects, propose and promote their implementation within scope of the organization. The Association intends to develop and implement innovative technologies and products in production and management practices of oil and gas sector enterprises of the country.
  • Efficiency. All members of the Association have the right to demand efficient work from the governing and executive bodies of the organization. The Association promotes “new level efficiency” ideology, aimed at enhancing the level of competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the world by means of mobilization and integration of fuel and energy sector organizations of the country.

Development strategy

Oil-gas and energy complex is the major strategic source of development of Kazakhstan’s economy and is aimed at being a key player in implementation of Kazakhstan’s strategy of joining to the world’s 50 most competitive countries.

This strategy was given publicity by the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev on the joint session of the Houses of Parliament on 18 January, 2006, and is one of the basic documents of its long term institutional development.

Within the scope of this document, “organizing new level of efficiency of fuel-energy sector of the country” has been announced to be one of the main objectives, which precisely reflected the key point of creation of the Association and determined its main strategic development priorities.


Chairman of the association

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Chairman of the association

Friday, 6 May 2011

TIMUR A. KULIBAYEV              Born on September 10th , 1966 in the city of Alma-Ata.             In 1983 he completed the Republican hi...

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