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The General Members’ Meeting is the highest regulatory body of the Association. The Members’ Meeting sets priority directions of Association’s activities, formulates principles of asset building and management, approves membership with the Association, ratifies annual work plans and financial statements of the Association, and elects the Chairman of the Association.

The Chairman of the Association (Mr. Timur Kulibayev) represents the interests of the Association and its members in state bodies, unions of legal entities, foreign and international organizations. He forms the Association Board and the Executive Committee.

According to the Charter, Deputy Chairman of the Association (Mr. Jambulat Sarsenov) shall act as Chairman during his absence:
- coordinates the work of the Executive Board and General Director of the Association;
- represents the Association's interests in Kazakhstan government  agencies, foreign and international organizations;
- exercises other powers on a regular basis in accordance with the constitutive documents of the Association and Chairman's instructions.

The Board is the advisory and consultative body of the Association headed by the Chairman. It provides recommendations regarding current and planned activities of the Association, offers proposals on issues brought up by the Chairman, and considers applications of candidates in view of their compliance with the Association’s aims and objectives.

The Executive Committee carries out current activities of the Association. The Executive Committee’s activities are managed by the General Director (Mr. Bolat Akchulakov), who bears a responsibility to facilitate the implementation of decisions of the Members’ Meeting and the Board.

The majority of the work of the Association takes place through committee work. KAZENERGY currently has 5 committees that engage Association members and a wide range of other major and minor stakeholders within the energy community.