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Young people today are a progressive part of the society; it is peculiar to novelty-seeking, knowledge of the truth and depth of knowledge. These are the students and young scientists who suggest the ideas - unfeasible at first glance, in which there is always a grain of truth, based on which one can achieve practical results. Supporting the talented and progressive young people we are laying the foundation of our strong growth in the future, implementation of the designated policies, programs and plans.

The Education Program «KAZENERGY» offers great opportunities for the identification of innovative, breakthrough ideas, potentially useful for the economic development of Kazakhstan.

In addition to the material support of promising professionals of the oil and gas and energy sector, the educational program «KAZENERGY» is designed to promote scientific and technological progress of the country by encouraging young people to research and implementation of specific projects in this sector.

On our corporate website in the section entitled "Educational Program" you will find information regarding the conditions for participation in the competition program and the requirements for applicants.

In addition, you will find useful information about universities, vocational schools and colleges that train professionals for the gas and oil and energy industries.

Successfully implementing our educational program we show an example of how a specific industry can effectively cooperates with the country's higher education institutions, students, media and the society in the whole.

Potential partners in education will also find all necessary information and contacts.

I wish success to the participants of the educational program «KAZENERGY» in realizing the most ambitious creative ideas!

Sincerely, Jambulat Sarsenov,

Director General of Kazakhstan Association
of the organization of Oil-Gas and Energy Complex