О IV Международном Молодежном Форуме

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The International Youth Forum KAZENERGY initiated by the Educational Program and the Youth Committee KAZENERGY, held at the annual Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY, is becoming a recognized ground for meaningful negotiations and discussions of topical issues of youth, where members exchange ideas and experiences. The Forum is a meeting place for executives of large companies, scientists, cultural workers and politician, young leaders of the Independent Kazakhstan, as well as a place for significant agreements and for signing Memorandum of Cooperation.

The upcoming 20th Anniversary from the date of gaining our Independence, without a doubt, is the most anticipated event for all the Kazakhs. During the years of Independence, Kazakhstan has grown an ambitious new, innovatively thinking generation, which together with the country celebrates its 20th anniversary today.

As part of this historic event of the country the current Youth Forum will focus its attention on the role of youth in the development of Kazakhstan, it shall grant young people to demonstrate their good knowledge, a sense of patriotism, active citizenship, solidarity forces of the country's youth to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Forum includes discussion panels and an intellectual game of the new format.
Forum Program