Complimentary address to the participants of the IV International Youth Forum

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Dear participants and guests of the IV International Youth Forum «KAZENERGY»!

It is impossible to overestimate the processes that take place in Astana, in the Palace of Independence - we met on a platform for dialogue with key leaders and experts of the oil and gas industry. I believe that in the foreseeable future Kazakhstan will reach all its goals – it will become a strong and prosperous country. And you will be proud that the starting point of the process of the economic growth has become the today's Youth Forum as one of the many important initiatives that gather under the flag of the Homeland the best of the best representatives of Kazakhstan's progressive youth.

You are a special caste of young people - ambitious and educated people.

You exude a tremendous flow of energy, that's why our Association includes in its title the word «ENERGY».

Your energy and desire to storm the impregnable peaks allow us to believe in a decent future.

Association KAZENERGY is an Industrial Alliance which unites more than 40 local and foreign companies, which employ recognized world-class experts. Our joint work in search of new policy decisions, managerial and technological methods was recognized by the Government of Kazakhstan a breakthrough.

Today you can learn a lot of useful, get inspired by new ideas, gain invaluable experience in dealing with senior leaders. These key points, connections, as they say in your environment are the basis of such important processes as succession of generations.

You can get an impulse that will give you a boost in search of fresh ideas, the accomplishment of new discoveries. They call you the future of the country and I would say that you are the present. You act already today; you are already working for the benefit of our state. Any contribution of yours, even a small one, to the common cause, can help our economy to make a giant step forward.

When the Association KAZENERGY was created in 2005, we have determined to support education in Kazakhstan, assistance in developing a system of training local personnel that complies with international standards as one of its priorities. Today, it is really important and relevant to us all. This year our country celebrates an important date - the 20th Anniversary of Independence. We have been able to do much over the years. Thanks to the wise political course the country's leadership we are recognized as a full member of the international community. But now we face a new challenge - the implementation of industrial and innovative breakthroughs. And it will not happen without you. Realizing this we have created an educational program on the basis of KAZENERGY.

This is the only example where an Association of large companies works with the youth. Among them are JSC NC “KazMunayGas”, LLP “KazRosGas” LLP, LLP “TengizChevroil”, JSC “Intergas Central Asia”, Shell Kazakhstan Development BV., Chevron Munaigas Inc., JSC “OGCC KazStroyService”, a branch of “Lukoil Overseas Service V.V.” Branch Statoil North Caspian ASand other companies.

Thanks to their support we can develop projects to prepare brand new staff and establish strong links with educational institutions. The program has trained more than five hundred professionals, many of whom are present here. There was organized the Youth Committee of the Association that has already showed itself to a good advantage on the international level. One of the members of the Youth Committee of the World Petroleum Council was our graduate. We help not only in education but also for employment, knowing how important it is to create all necessary conditions for the promising youth.

You have to make our state modern, to develop new approaches, to define new standards for governance. The state must become economically developed not only at the expense of natural resources, although it is well that we have them, but also through knowledge-based economy. You will study well and work hard. Experienced professionals, at first, will direct you. But in the future you will define the bar. Perhaps the basic requirements that you will bring to your work, you develop today. I am sure your presence here - it's your conscious choice, you truly want to be helpful for our Kazakhstan.

I wish you success in all your endeavors! Go for it!

Timur Kulibayev,
Chairman of the Association “KAZENERGY