About the World Petroleum Council Youth Committee

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World Petroleum Council (WPC), the premier global Oil and Gas forum, was established in 1933 with the intent to promote the management of the world's petroleum resources for the benefit of mankind.

WPC is headquartered in London and it includes over 60 member countries from around the world. WPC membership is unique as it includes both OPEC and Non-OPEC countries with representation of National Oil Companies (NOC's) as well as Independent Oil Companies (IOC's).


What is the Youth Committee?
National committees select a national youth representative, that together form the Youth Committee. Its main objective is to get the youth of the oil and gas industry involved in designing a sustainable future.

Why was the WPC Youth Committee created?
The WPC Youth Committeewas set up in 2006 and it is intended to promote a realistic image of the petroleum industry amongst the youth together with its challenges and opportunities. It is also initiating the creation of a collaborative and global forum for young people to be heard and new ideas to be championed.

Youth engaged in the petroleum industry to design a sustainable future

•    To create and nurture a collaborative, global forum for young people to be heard
•    To champion new ideas within the petroleum industry
•      To promote a realistic image of the petroleum industry, its challenges and opportunities
•      To bridge the generation gap through mentorship networks

•    Transparency
•    Integrity
•    Diversity
•    Social responsibility
•    Environmental stewardship
•    Technological innovation
•    Long term thinking

The WPC YC Strategy
Being part of the WPC, the Youth Committee adheres the same strategic objectives, but gives its own interpretation to the strategy´s implementation. This has resulted in innovative initiatives, such as the online networking platform, etc.

How is the WPC YC structured?
The WPC YC is ledby a Chair. There is a project leader assigned for every key project.The YC members follow the same countries that are part of the World Petroleum Organization. However, not all countries have named a youth representative. As of today there are 20 members from 20 countries.

What has the WPC YC done so far?
The WPC YC has organized several events, both at the WPC Congress and independent Youth Forums.
The last forum “Energy Solution for All: Promoting Cooperation, Innovation & Investment” was organized in 2011 in Qatar.