A welcome speech of the «KAZENERGY» Association Chairman T.А. Kulibayev

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Dear participants and guests
of the V KAZENERGY International Youth Forum!

altI congratulate you on the first significant anniversary - the fifth year of our KAZENERGY International Youth Forum! 

Today we can claim with confidence that the initiative about its creation which we started five years ago has proved its value to a full extent.

During these years on each of the forums the talented youth had the opportunity to meet the distinguished people of the oil and gas and energy industry, lead experts and respected specialists on the discussion platform. In this way the young people gained the rich experience of communication being inspired with new ideas that found promotion and development after.

Some of the participants of those first «KAZENERGY» youth forums are already working in industrial companies, starting to take care of and take responsibility for the contemporary energetics of Kazakhstan. For instance, Rakhimzhan Khismetov, Ilya Korolkov, Azat Kanayev and Gabit Kusherbayev can be proud of those meetings, dialogues and discussions during the forums which became the starting point of their career progression.

Organizing the youth forums we have taken into account the international experience. Further on the idea had the significant support of the foreign partners, primarily on the part of World Petroleum Council and its ex-president Mr. Randall Gossen. This initiative had also the support of the former CEO of the «Statoil North Caspian As» branch in Kazakhstan Mr. Odd Magne Instefjord and many other colleagues of us.

As a result the share of the managers leading the energy companies is growing year after year. I was highly impressed by the evaluation given to the specialists from Kazakhstan by the Managing Director of the «Chevron Eurasia Business Unit» Mr. Scott Davis. According to him, the best specialists nowadays are the engineers from Kazakhstan, working all around the world. Their professional qualifications degree is highly assessed in overseas companies and on the completion of the internship they easily get employed.

We will certainly keep enhancing these valuable relations, which give practical knowledge and skills that open new opportunities for the comprehensive professional development of our youth. 

Kazakhstan’s society is growing younger, thus getting more dynamic, sensitive to new changes, to the new knowledge and inventions. The new knowledge of the youth turns into substantial economic resource of the Republic of Kazakhstan.    

You, the youth, are to develop Kazakhstan in the XXI century. Increasing your educational degree lifelong, gaining new knowledge and technologies should become one of the most important goals for you.

Natural resources, energy will remain the basis for the economic growth of the country, the foundation for the successful innovative industrialization and social modernization, enhancing the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan.

You, the youth, have the chance to become the real professionals, realize the new grand energy projects in Kazakhstan. Do not miss this opportunity. Do not be afraid of difficulties, you are able to do this!

I wish all the participants of the V KAZENERGY International Youth Forum big new success!

Timur Kulibayev,
Chairman of the Association “KAZENERGY