Initiatives of Kazakhstan under the Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference

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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 15:20

In a world of increasing globalization and interdependence between exporters and importers of energy, it is generally accepted that multilateral rules can provide a more balanced and effective framework for international cooperation. Therefore, the Energy Charter Treaty plays an important role in the context of efforts to create a legal framework for global energy security based on open, competitive markets, and the principles of sustainable development. The main objective of the Energy Charter Treaty is to strengthen the regulations in energy by creating a unified field of rules to be observed by all participating governments, thus minimizing the risks associated with investment and trade in energy.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has become chair of the supreme governing body of the Energy Charter for 2014. This decision was taken at the 24th session of the Energy Charter Conference held in Nicosia, Cyprus, last year.

Currently, under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in close cooperation with other involved ministries, departments and organizations, together with the Energy Charter Secretariat, the active efforts are being undertaken for the preparation of the 25th session of the Energy Charter Conference, to be held November 26-27 in Astana. The ministerial meeting of the Conference will address and elaborate the issues of development of global trans-Eurasian transit corridors for transportation of energy resources to the regional and global markets of consumers. During the meeting, it is scheduled that the Conference will adopt the Astana road map for 2015-2019, which would indicate the strategic development of the Energy Charter process in the medium term.

As part of its Chairmanship, Kazakhstan is raising several important policy proposals to improve the Energy Charter process. The proposal has been to introduce a voluntary mechanism for dispute resolution in the pretrial order to avoid conflicts in the energy sector at the national level. It is also encouraged that the establishment of an Ombudsman for the protection of investments in the energy sector shall be considered, under General Secretary of the Energy Charter Treaty. This would allow a more dynamic and timely resolution of disputes and avoid investment disputes in the countries of Energy Charter Treaty.

In addition, Kazakhstan has been actively involved in the process of modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty in terms of its expansion. Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan acts as a "Contact Embassy of the Energy Charter" in the United Arab Emirates. As a chairing country, Kazakhstan also plans to initiate an in-depth multi-stakeholder dialogue on security of energy transit and transparency of all segments of the international energy markets.


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