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25th Session of Sustainable Energy Committee of UN European Economic Commission

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Friday, 30 September 2016 14:47



On 28-30 2016 Geneva (Swiss Confederation) accommodated the 25th session of Sustainable Energy Committee under UN European Economic Commission, which was attended by Kazakhstan’s delegation represented by Permanent RoK Representative to the UN office and other international organizations in Geneva Zh. Aitzhanova, KAZENERGY General Director B. Akchulakov, KAZENERGY Executive Director R. Zhampiyissov and Advisor to Astana International Finance Center Manager A. Kazybayev. 

This session addressed the preparation process for a Ministerial Conference "Sustainable Energy Solution Tasks" and the 8th International UNECE Forum "Energy for Sustainable Development" scheduled to match the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 "Energy of the Future" in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The Ministerial Conference will be held under the Forum for the first time and its importance is very high, said Bolat Akchulakov in his address emphasizing the role of global power and focusing on importance of sustainable development of natural resources, renewable energy and adoption new technologies and energy efficiency. Ms. Aytzhanova continued with presenting the EXPO-2017 project and touching upon RoK President Nursultan Nazarbayev's initiative to set up the Green Technology Center in Astana, which will foster the development of environmentally clean technologies and help realize the green economy potential. The Kazakh delegation expressed hopes that UNECE Member States will contribute to further development of the Centre.

Kazakhstan and UNECE are now jointly developing an extensive 4-day program of events scheduled for the next year.

The Kazakhstan delegation focused on drafting of a Ministerial Declaration to be delivered as a result of intensive discussions between heads of agencies and to define a number of priority actions on sustainable energy. Minister’s agreements within this document will become the foundation for reaching a coherent, integral, coordinated and comprehensive policy in the area of energy, program implementation and solutions to global energy challenges.

Declaration’s key provisions and Forum’s outcomes will be incorporated in the EXPO Manifest of Values designed to consolidate proposals of governments, the private sector and businesses to deliver a new model of future energy.

The delegation from Kazakhstan proposed to conduct international consultations and joint effort on preparation of a high-level meeting. The member countries expressed an interest in participation and overall support to the preparation for the proposed conference and forum.

UNECE Executive Secretary Christian Friis Bach noted the importance of the upcoming conference and informed that UNDESA, five UN regional economic commissions, SE4ALL, IEA, IRENA and other international organizations had confirmed their cooperation.

The Geneva session also covered elections of members to the Bureau of the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy. KAZENERGY Executive Director Ramadan Zhampiyisov was elected Vice-Chairman of the Bureau for two years until the completion of the 27 Session. In addition, the Kazakh delegation held bilateral meetings with UNECE General Secretary and Chairman of Committee on Sustainable Energy Jürgen Keinhorst.


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KAZENERGY Association continues to grow.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 15:15

KAZENERGY Association continues to grow. Kazakhstan Oil Refinery (“KOR” LLP) – one of the active Kazakh manufacturers, wholesale and retail supplier of different types of diesel fuel, gasoline and residual oil - has become a new member of organization. The enterprise has its own network of reservoirs and production capacities in several regions of the country.

We should remind that earlier this year, “” LLP, “KAZPETROL GROUP” LLP, representative office of China Petroleum Corporation in RK, OMV Petrom SA, “Rosatom Central Asia” LLP have joined the Association.


To celebrate the Day of oil and gas industry workers

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Friday, 09 September 2016 16:39

To celebrate the Day of oil and gas industry workers, KAZENERGY Association has awarded “KAZENERGY” Medal, Honorary certificate and Letter of Gratitude to the number of employees of the member companies in recognition of their work and professional achievements in the development of oil and gas and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as for active cooperation with KAZENERGY Association.


In August this year, two new members joined KAZENERGY Association: the company “OMV Petrom S.A.” and the representation of the Company “China Petrochemical Corporation” in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 10:43

In August this year, two new members joined KAZENERGY Association: the company “OMV Petrom S.A.” and the representation of the Company “China Petrochemical Corporation” in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is another confirmation the success of the strategy chosen by the Association regarding the dialogue between the business and the government, ensuring the balance of interests of the state and energy companies.

The new members of KAZENERGY successfully execute oil and gas projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thus, “OMV Petrom S.A.” is the operator four operating on-ground fields: “Tasbulat”, “Turkmenoy”, “Aktas” and “Komsomolskoe”. All the four fields are located in Mangistau oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan.

“China Petrochemical Corporation” (SINOPEC, China) is a vertically integrated petrochemical corporation, working in exploration, extraction, transportation, delivery and processing of oil and gas, as well as production and sale of chemical and petrochemical products. The representation of this company represents the interests of the petrochemical corporation in Central Asia. 


On July 12, 2016, the meeting of the Working group on development of the draft Industry agreement in oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemical sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017-2019 was held.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:37

On July 12, 2016, the meeting of the Working group on development of the draft Industry agreement in oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemical sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017-2019 was held. The proposals and amendments to the draft agreement were discussed.  The final document will be presented to the upcoming meeting of the Industry commission on social partnership and regulation of social and labour relations of oil and gas field.


III International Downstream Central Asia Conference

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Friday, 17 June 2016 12:08

III International Downstream Central Asia Conference

Astana held III International Conference “Oil Refining and Petrochemistry in Central Asia” with the support of KAZENERGY Association. During the event, Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Vice-Minister of Energy of RK, and Uzakbai Karabalin, Deputy Chairman of KAZENERGY Association, delivered their welcoming speech.


The meeting of the Working group of KAZENERGY Association on implementation of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was held on June 7, 2016

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Thursday, 09 June 2016 11:04

The Association members and the representatives of the Committee of Geology of RK and the World Bank discussed the measures on beneficiary right disclosure provided by new EITI standard.

The Companies noted the high importance of this issue implementation Roadmap development jointly with the National Stakeholder Council (NSC) and expressed their readiness to actively participate in the work.


New innovations in the area of oil production and results of geochemical surveys were presented at KAZENERGY Research and Technical Council chaired by Uzakbai Karabalin

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 15:49

Participants demonstrated an interest in a presentation delivered by the Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University on new generation of energy accumulating substances and composites for comprehensive solution of crude oil production and transportation. The invention is  referred to the oil industry and scientifically to hydrogen energy. It is reagents based on activated aluminum designed to clean the wellbore area, oil field equipment and enhance the oil recovery. This invention was highly evaluated by experts and considered as promising and requiring further development.


The scheduled meeting of the advisory council on legislation of KAZENERGY Association took place on May 27 of this year.

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 11:14

Participants considered various questions of Association's activity in the applicable legislation improvement

In particular, the initiatives on environmental issues and state regulation of production and turnover of certain types of petroleum products, implemented at the legislative level, were discussed; relevant information on the progress of work on the Code "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use" project and the draft law "On the offset agreements" was provided.


On 26th of May the representatives of the UK Ministry of Trade and Investment (UKTI) have visited the office of KAZENERGY Association.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016 15:51

13310545_1246406222051356_7031430016902952510_nThe delegation had a meeting with “PSA” LLC in the framework of the Memorandum on Cooperation and on the occasion of Lord Astor’s visit to the Republic of Kazakhstan. The meeting was also attended by Sara Pickering, the Deputy Ambassador of Her Majesty in the Republic of Kazakhstan, other representatives of the UK Embassy and the country’s leading operator companies.


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