Tengizchevroil (TCO) . The fourth kindergarten built on Egilik funding

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Monday, 04 July 2016 17:23

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The fourth kindergarten built on Egilik funding
ATYRAU, Kazakhstan, July 4, 2016 –Tengizchevroil (TCO) has invested over $1.18 billion for the improvement of social infrastructure in Atyrau Oblast since TCO’s formation. TCO closely cooperates with the Atyrau Oblast Akimat in the selection of high-priority facilities for the benefit of the community, including facilities for children.    

Representatives from the Akimats of Atyrau Oblast, Atyrau city, the Department of Construction and the children and their parents participated in the opening ceremony of the kindergarten constructed in Privokzalni micro-district in Atyrau. 
This is the fourth kindergarten constructed by Tengizchevroil under its Egilik Voluntary Program. The construction of all four kindergartens has been executed according to a standard design. Built to accommodate 280 children, construction on this latest kindergarten started in January 2015 and was completed in May 2016. This is a big present to the city residents, noted Mr. Nogaev, Akim of Atyrau Oblast.  
“TCO believes that children are our future,” said Eimear Bonner, acting General Director of Tengizchevroil. “As such, and in the year of the 25th Anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan and the production of first oil of Tengiz, we have completed construction of the National Grammar School and kindergarten in Atyrau. I express my appreciation to the contractors who completed the work on time and with the quality specified. I also thank the Atyrau Oblast Akimat and the construction department for its assistance and support”.  
The kindergarten is provided with all the items required to encourage the development of the children: playgrounds for active games; playrooms and bedrooms for each group; canteen; music and drama rooms; and a gymnasium. All are equipped with modern, quality furniture.


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