Gazprom confirms Firtash's company got discount on 5 bcm of gas

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Thursday, 10 October 2013 16:10
Russian gas giant Gazprom has sold five billion cubic meters of natural gas at $260 per 1,000 cubic meters to Ukrainian holding group Ostchem Holding for pumping it into underground gas storage facilities in Ukraine.

Gazprom spokesperson Sergei Kupriyanov told this to Ukrinform on Wednesday.

"There was an agreement with Ostchem group that they purchase this gas and pump it into underground gas storage facilities in Ukraine to ensure that there are the necessary volumes for the winter season. Five billion cubic meters of gas was sold at this price [$260 per 1,000 cubic meters]," Kupriyanov said.

As Ukrinform reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on October 8 that Gazprom had provided a discount on natural gas to be pumped into Ukrainian underground storage facilities, selling it at a price of $260 per 1,000 cubic meters. According to the Russian president, the price of natural gas for Ukraine now stands at about $380-390 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Earlier, Ukraine stated its plans to pump only the necessary 14 billion cubic meters into underground storage facilities, whereas Gazprom demanded that this amount be increased to 19 billion cubic meters in order to ensure uninterrupted transit to the EU. Kyiv subsequently adjusted the gas pumping plan to 17-20 billion cubic meters.

In September 2013, Ostchem Holding owner Dmytro Firtash said that Ukraine would pump 20-21 billion cubic meters of natural gas into its underground storage facilities by November in order to guarantee uninterrupted transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe during the winter season. He said that 6-6.5 billion cubic meters would be pumped by Ostchem, 6-7 billion cubic meters would be Ukrainian produced gas and that the remaining gas would be imported from Russia.


KYIV. October 10. KAZINFORM 

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