Russia interested in exploring oil in Caspian Sea

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Monday, 10 February 2014 10:50
 Russian ambassador to Tehran has said his country is interested in joint attempts to explore oil in the Caspian Sea.

Luan Jagarian, who was in a meeting with head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, responded to a Mehr News question and told that Russian oil companies were interested in Iran's oil projects, MNA reports.

"If there is an economic justification for oil exploration in the Caspian, Russia will participate in joint attempt with Iran," he said, and that "Russia is a sovereign country and would not follow Western line of policies, thus it seeks to improve the level of trade and cooperation with Iran."

Jagarian believed that Russia regarded highly the relations with Iran. Asked providing fuel in Bushehr power plant, Jagarian told that Russia was committed to its obligations on Bushehr power plant. "There is no problem on provision of fuel for the power plant, and it would be carried out in due time," he added.

Jagarian also expressed hopes that Iran and Russian joint commission would work out important serious trade agreements.


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