Maros Shevkovic, the Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union, is to Visit Kazakhstan for the First Time

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Thursday, 20 November 2014 10:45

This is a new position in the structure of the EU. The initiative to create the European Energy Union was raised after the Ukrainian crisis started. Its goal is to consolidate energy resources and infrastructure to avoid excessive dependence on Russian gas supplies, to make procurement of natural gas more transparent, based on the same conditions for all EU countries, avoiding the practice of signing independent contracts by individual EU countries.

Officially, the introduction of such a structure was not announced, but the initiative is progressing, and the mechanisms are being developed. Especially considering the fact that Jean-Claude Juncker, the 12th European Commission Chairman, who assumed his duties on 1 November, said that the creation of the Energy Union is a priority in his activities.

Maros Shevkovic will participate in the 25th session of the Energy Charter Conference to be held in Astana on 26-27 November. Energy security and development of global transit corridors are the key themes of agenda of the session. Therefore, the participation and introduction of the position of Maros Shevkovich, the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the tasks of the Energy Union is particularly important in further development of the Energy Charter. Today, the ECC is the only organization of this type that regulates international cooperation in the energy sphere.

The Conference meeting will adopt the Astana Road Map for the period of 2015-2019, which will determine the prospects for international energy cooperation and the strategic development of the Energy Charter process in the medium term.

This will be the first session of the Energy Charter Conference held in accordance with the new format of the country’s presidency adopted only in early 2014. Kazakhstan was the first presiding country of the Conference with a working body represented by the Association “KAZENERGY”.

Presiding at the ECC, Kazakhstan has put forward a number of initiatives to modernize the Charter. In particular, Kazakhstan has made proposals on the introduction of pretrial voluntary dispute resolution mechanism, the creation of an Ombudsman for protection of investments in the energy sector

A press conference will take place on 27 November at the “Rixos President Hotel”.

The registration of participants starts at 9:30


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