Kakha Kaladze, Vice-Prime Minister, Georgian Minister of Energy is to Represent His Country at the Meeting of Energy Industry Leaders in Astana

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Sunday, 23 November 2014 19:51

Kakha Kaladze is planning to participate at the 25th Session of the Energy Charter Conference held on 26-27 November. He is expected to deliver a speech at the ministerial session dedicated to the topic of “the Development of Transit Corridors as a Key to Global Energy Security”.

Georgia is the next country after Kazakhstan to chair the Energy Charter Conference. Kazakhstan has assumed this position for the first time in the history of the Charter in accordance with the new format of the country presidency adopted at the previous session of the ECT Conference held in Cyprus. The working body of Kazakhstan’s participation in the ECT is KAZENERGY Association.

The Georgian Minister of Energy is expected to announce plans for further development of the Energy Charter under the Presidency of his country in this union.

As an important transit country in the region, Georgia is particularly interested in strengthening the Energy Charter process in relation to energy transit, in particular, electricity, and raises this issue as one of high-priority areas for the work of the Conference in 2015.

Caucasus has a significant energy potential. However, substantial investments are required for development of infrastructure and transportation projects. Kakha Kaladze is expected to elaborate in his speech on Georgia’s proposals for development and support of a number of projects in the region.

Besides the representatives of line ministries of the ECT participating countries, the Conference will be attended by senior executives of energy companies. The executives of national and international energy companies are invited to present their views on problems and solutions related to the ways of development of transit corridors for energy and enhancement of global energy security.

The participants will also discuss the initiatives of Kazakhstan on implementation of voluntary pretrial dispute resolution mechanisms and creation of the Ombudsman position for investment protection in the energy sector. It is planned to adopt the Astana Roadmap for 2015-2019, which will outline the strategic development of the Energy Charter process for the midterm period.

Background information: Kakha Kaladze has been in the position of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy of Georgia since 2012. His political career began after he completed his sport career. Kakha Kaladze used to be in the list of the world’s most prominent football stars. He has had many sporting achievements.