I International Forum “Kazakhstan Geological Exploration: Oil and Gas in Focus”

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Wednesday, 04 March 2015 09:46
Venue: Rixos President Astana hotel, Astana
Date: 12-13 March 2015

The Kazakhstan Society of Petroleum Geologists and KAZENERGY Association will hold the first international forum “Geological Exploration in Kazakhstan: Oil and Gas in Focus” to be supported by the RoK Government and attended by management of industry-specific ministries and national companies.

The KGF 2015 is the first event at the national level addressing the geological exploration in petroleum area. Its mission is to ensure active assistance to developing of geology in Kazakhstan through studies and adoption of innovation technologies.

Forum participants will include representatives of relevant ministries, local petroleum companies (JSC), large international companies operating in Kazakhstan, lead consortiums in the country, industry associations and alliances, oil and gas service companies and well-known subsurface experts, investment funds, international experts and scientists.

Forum objectives are:

 Create an industry platform to contribute to strengthening and development of the petroleum geology in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Assist with defining key goals in the industry; adopt decisions on their implementation and extension;

Present and discuss projects and sign agreements;

Learn about cutting-edge technologies and equipment in the area with the purpose of their application in future;

 Learn about cutting-edge technologies and equipment in the area with the purpose of their application in future;

Basic themes:

Key priorities for petroleum geological exploration development in Kazakhstan;

Improvement of legislative framework to attract more investments into the Kazakhstan geological exploration;

Geophysical and field studies of wells and geophysical and field operations;

Local geological exploration as a science and its transfer to production practice;

Aspects of offshore field surveys in the Caspian Sea;

 Innovation technologies in the oil and gas industry to study and produce deep crude oil reserves;

Personnel development;

The Forum will also embrace a number of events including a national industry-specific contest “Izbassar”; Showcase (exhibition); Round Table “New drilling equipment and technologies”.