KAZENERGY magazine

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About the journal:

Journal KAZENERGY - an image building publication of the Kazakhstan Association of Oil & Gas and Energy Complex KAZENERGY, whose members are the 40 largest oil and gas and energy companies

Journal KAZENERGY - a monthly illustrated publication (circulation of 7000 copies), its thematic variety reflects a wide range of the national life: energy, economy, politics, social issues, culture and much more.

Journal KAZENERGY - is an access to the detailed analytical reviews of the key trends of the development of domestic, regional and global energy markets.

The objectives of the journal:

    • Filling the gap of the information flow and assessment of the dynamics and development prospects of both, the world and Kazakhstan's oil and gas and energy sector.
    • Promoting a positive image of the oil and gas and energy sector of Kazakhstan in the foreign information field.
    • Support for the state program "Cultural Heritage" by posting materials on the history, culture and art of Kazakhstan.