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Kazakh oil production increase demonstrates confidence

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07.10.2010 22:31

WASHINGTON, DC - Thursday, October 07, 2010 - The announcement this week that Kazakhstan plans to dramatically increase oil production over the next decade reflects the Kazakh government’s confidence in the enormous size of its oil and gas reserves and their ability to be extracted for at least the entire first half of the 21st century and probably longer. It also reflects a bullish confidence that global demand for oil, which has been soaring again in recent weeks, will remain robust for decades to come.


Firms seek assurance as Kazakhstan plans oil boom

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07.10.2010 22:30

17_m.jpg7 October 2010. ALMATY, Oct 7 (Reuters) - Kazakhstan's plans to boost oil output by 60 percent over the next decade may hinge on the state's ability to reassure foreign majors their billion-dollar investments will be protected by law, industry officials said.


BG project hit with $1.2bn tax claim in Kazakhstan tussle

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07.10.2010 22:28
15_1_m.jpgKazakhstan is preparing to hit one of BG Group's biggest gas projects with $1.2bn (£760m) in back taxes, as the nation's government tries to wrestle itself a stake in the key field.

Shell slashes $18bn from Kashagan costs

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07.10.2010 22:27

15_m.jpgRoyal Dutch Shell has radically simplified the design of the Kashagan oil development, slashing $18bn (£11.5bn) from the cost of the second phase of development as it strives to make the project economically viable.


Oil majors chase Caspian riches

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07.10.2010 22:18

13_1_m.jpgThe Caspian Sea in Central Asia is emerging as a major oil and gas frontier as many of the world's  largest oil companies build exploration interests there. Bordered by Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan, the region has historically produced hydrocarbons, although the oil majors believe its full potential has yet to be tapped.