Eurasian Energy Forum KAZENERGY 2010

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06.10.2010 22:19

14_m.jpg10/5/2010. Palaceof Independence, Astana, Kazakhstan (map). The Eurasian Energy Forum KAZENERGY in Astana - A platform that unites the entire energy industry and oil and gas companies and one of the most prestigious international events in Kazakhstan, which is being held at the highest level, and combines the energy and oil and gas industry: key leaders, experts, managers, producers and market players from suppliers to customers.

Today, eurasian Energy Forum is a leading Eurasian Energy Forum, where oil and gas industry peers discuss trends in the industry of oil and gas chemicals and refining, forming a unified and coherent policy of cooperation and search for new financial instruments for investing in a major international energy projects in the territory of the Eurasian continent, demonstrate new products and technologies reach strategic agreements with partners and customers.

Eurasia in general and Kazakhstan in particular, play an important role in ensuring the smooth transition to a new world energy order of sustainable development. In Kazakhstan this means attracting investment to the energy sector in highly competitive conditions.

World political and business leaders, in their relations with the governments of energy producing and exporting countries, are calling for the formation of strategic alliances as a rational alternative to the use of political leverage, and the major oil companies, as well as industrial and service companies, have significant experience at cooperating with the governments and other entities in such countries. This cooperation is based on the principles of preserving global energy security, achieving a balance of interests on world commodity markets, developing eco-efficiency and local content, introducing advanced technology, creating joint ventures and much else.


The goal of the Eurasian Energy Forum is to focus the attention of experts and key decision makers in the global energy commodities market on discussing the main issues of the energy sector’s development in a changing world market situation, formulating and agreeing a unified policy of common action, and using modern approaches to regulating relations of partnership in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector.


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