With Inna around the world

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09.10.2011 17:06

Actually, you just pass in the other part of the central park, at the end of which a mall is in a shape of a yurt, having five levels, where you can travel with a small train. Here you find a lot of modern brands, from Accesorize to Prada, but the biggest surprise is to hear a Romanian melody Only You by Randi. Besides, during the three days spent in Astana, a have heard on the radio two other Romania melodies and have seen on the TV the latest Inna’s video, about whom I knew that she is as much as famous here as in the West.    

Also in the mall we have our lunch, i.e. shashlik, a kind of a sheep meat on skewers with rice and delicious tomato and aromatic herbs sauce. Willing to taste all kinds of local meals and beverages, just like Olga I order a warm bear with lemon and honey and only later I am told that this eccentricity is only Olga’s preference and the tradition is actually an Irish one.        

However, prices in malls here are 20-30% higher than in Romania. Even if the average salary does not exceed 500 US dollars. But, on the 1st of January, while European countries were announcing new austerity measures, in Kazakhstan salaries and pensions were raised with 30%. The Kazakh State has a strong system of social protection, and young families with children are supported with considerable money if their income is modest. Over 5,000 young people annually go with state scholarships to study in big university centers in the West.

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