Other new buildings – the city keeps moving

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09.10.2011 17:10

Another fact that drew my attention is that on Astana streets everywhere new buildings are being constructed. “We arrived here yesterday, and meanwhile, windows on three floors were mounted”, tells me a Romanian form our delegation, pointing up to a future sky-scraper. There are not so many people on the streets, but almost all passers are dressed in suits and the women are very elegant and all of them look young. Alexey, a young man from Astana, tells us that some of the residential buildings are almost empty, because prices are very big: 4,000 – 5,000 Euros for a square meter.     

Near KazMunyGas headquarters, which I am unwillingly comparing with the broken windows of the Ministry of Economy on Calea Victoriei, I sew a white mosque, where from the muezzin songs are started being heard. Curious, I came towards the door, where I see tens of pairs of shoes. Nothing unusual till now, but I was amazed the mixture of plastic slippers and one of the most expensive patent-leather shoes. Someone late in a suite comes running, throw his shoes and gets into the mosque. Probably a businessman between two meetings.    

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