“A still want to live here”

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09.10.2011 17:12

In the evening we make a stop at the most luxurious hotel in the city – Rixos – where we are invited to the party of the correspondents, accredited at the KazEnergy Forum, which is the reason of our official trip to Astana and which will take place in the next two days. Aidana, the hotel hostess, smiles smartly to every customer, wishing him a good evening. I start talking with her and ask how simple people here perceive the world economic crisis. In an almost perfect English the young woman tells me that she is originating from the South of the country and came for studies in Astana three years ago.  

“I am studying the tourism management. I like my job and I am thinking that, perhaps, one day I will become the manager of this hotel”, she says me without a single word about the world crisis. “There are a lot of students here and we have n extraordinary life, a quiet one. I would like to travel around the world, to get even in Romania, but I still want to stay and live here, in Astana”, the girl continues.

Also Aidana tells me that in the winter outside temperatures goes below minus 45 Celsius degrees and it is very dangerous to get outside without special clothes. That is the reason why in the communist era all regime enemies were deported here, and nowadays more than 100 nations are living in Kazakhstan as well as the same number of religions exists.

At a certain moment, before the Soviet bloc collapsed, the Kazaks nation was even in minority. Officially, at the present moment, Kazakhs represent 65% of the population, but in reality they are less than 55%. A community of more than 25,000 Romanians exists in Kazakhstan in a city not far from Astana, most of them being settled here during Ceausescu times for purposes of industrialization of the state of Kazakhstan.

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