A country rich in crude oil imports fuels

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09.10.2011 17:19

However, I was surprised to know that the Kazakh state is importing fuels from Russia, because the three Kazakhstan refineries, very old ones, are stopped for modernizations. Imports have been intensified especially last months, at the peak of the agricultural period, when the gasoline price was increased from 90 to 135 tenge (1 USD = 145 tenge), i.e. 3 RON per liter in Romanian money.

Kazakhs have also problems in the field of power supply. The price is 9 tenge per kWh, regulated for the population, but the country has a deficit of 1,000 MW, which has to be supplemented from import, of course also from Russia. In this period the discussion is quite tensioned, because such an import could lead to a 30% increase of the price for the population. Regarding gas consumption, half of the country territory is not connected to the pipelines system, and people from those regions heat them with electricity or coal.

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