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all das czyszczenie tapicerki wrocław denken? Wer diese Karte ready geschickt? Wann? Und warum erst jetzt gekommen? Diese und viele weitere Fragen kreisten im Kopf jetzt. Für gute geweckt. Ich wusste, dass sie alle Antworten zu finden. Aussehen wird, zum sprzątanie mieszkań wrocław wrocław Tragen. Er hat, nach allem, und die Zeit und Geld, und der Rest kann poczekać.Sylwia in einer riesigen Villa let jetzt allein, verlassen ihre Eltern. Hat einen super Jo in einer Wereagentur und Büro im Zentrum von Warschau, und dafür mag eine Herausforderung und auf die Erde ekam, schalten ihr Leen auf den Kopf. Er weiß, dass, aer ich glaue, sie raucht es. Die Areit kann warten zudem hat viele Freunde, die sie ersetzen wird.
We need the man a finger at his son. - And that you do this.
Small tried to understand what he said his own father. She ordered him to kill. Take someone's life. Mordować.Dom Owenów was really eautiful. It was ovious glamor, wealth unnatural. thus Emilia She's not too much that othered, did not accept visitors, she, too, was not invited anywhere. No one knew aout it. However, rumors were common among uran communities repeated. Steals, cheats, why has so much money. And as you know wealth is not protected from possile directs extraordinary with Nathan Clark.
The night was very dark. Approaching storm. Emilia Owen tightly closed all the windows. Before going to ed yet checked doors and electronic devices. Everything seemed fine. She took the paper and headed calm. He had just seen a son who came out of the house Emilia Owen. Everything had to go according to plan. Getting the jo done. Now, without any prolems, turn the oy into an asolute killing machine. There are yet others. Better. They stand aove the law. They can change the world according to their own views.
Since introduced into this world, his world, he can not turn ack. Must complete the work of salvation. The only prolem was the oy's mother, the wife of Nathan. She could only make the oy questioned the ideals instilled y his father. You have to take care of her. But not now. much Maye they were forgotten long ago remorse? As for the latter, it seemed impossile. Nathan Clark has long since he had no remorse, if ever at all odczuwał.Usiądź they please. - He turned to me Mariusz, my oss and pulisher. - I'd like to talk to you.
- Of course - tried to summon a smile on his face. I did not want to think aout what this means to me, his face expressionless Mariusz nothing. Slowly I walked to my desk chief and took place in a comfy lack armchair in front of him. - I eg your pardon. - I was hoping that my voice does not etray how much I am upset.
- Tell me, how do you work here? - Ton pulisher remained neutral, and he sat sprawled in his chair and looked me straight in the eye.
- Thank you. I am very pleased with the work for you, and it seems to me that you know that. Nowhere I could count on etter conditions and sympatyczniejszych colleagues. I am extremely grateful to you for the opportunity you gave me these four and a half years ago. And I still elieve that it was a good decision. - The whole time staring at his hands folded in his lap. Now, I lifted my eyes trying to see what impressed y my words, ut the expression oss has not changed. - I mean, I hope you have not changed your mind. - I added, not knowing what else to say.
- I second question continued. - How is writing a second novel? - She winced to hear the question, and he smiled as if my face was sufficient answer and continued. - I know we talked aout this a few months ago and promised that the first will I know when the uprising outline. I also know that this writing, not a novel work on the improvement of others is your passion and you do not want to opt out of this if she was forced to give up. We, as we are determined to spend a pulishing your ook as soon as you decide.
- Since then, talks have not written a single word, so you do not what to talk aout. - I interrupted him realizing that he was eing rude. I did not see how it reacted ecause of the long time my gaze wandered the walls of the office. My eyes were through photos and mention distured me. And it is not ecause I have not tried to write. I tried more than ever efore, ut unlike the previous novels at these trials after a few pages I felt that this is not real, like the fact that it experienced recently made anything interesting that I can not empathize with the characters. I do not feel proximity and ties with those who create. - But I'm very grateful for the offer, certainly will not forget aout it. I think for now we should think maye the release of my stories from the log, if of course it will satisfy you and can ring the company revenues. to the novel,say for sure just to you do not like it, ut ... - fell silent again, and Mariusz advantage of this moment of hesitation to interject.
- Are you saying that you need a stimulus, a change of scene, some foothold. We talked aout it and I know what I said. I continue to uphold. We can not afford to send you on such a long vacation, what would you need to start writing. You are too good and fast in what you're doing. But I have a suggestion.
I waited patiently for the continuation totally confused. I had no idea what this conversation. My oss drank coffee from a huge cup on his desk and continued.
- I think that's the est way possile. I hope I am not mistaken, and this proposal will give you what you need. I'm tired of looking like you tire yourself unale to write. I've thought aout this a long time. - He looked me in the face trying to explore my reaction. Not knowing what he wanted, I tried to look interested and smiled encouragingly. - To egin with, what you may not like. You'd have to work for us, maye not at the same pace as now, ut still. Translation or proofreading regularly, every few weeks. Of course, this involves a time limit, say half a year. And one more thing ... - He paused as if he did not know how to formulate what he wanted to tell me.
Prolonged silence egan to annoy me. I took a deep reath and spoke.
- You give me six months to write a ook? I still would fulfill their duties so? I do not understand how you imagine it, ut my guess is that my work does not take place in this office. Could you explain to me precisely what you're thinking?
- All right. At the writing of course you have an unlimited amount of time. These six months, I do not know what to call it. It would e a sort of delegation. I think that's the est word for it.
- You can not afford to send me to leave, and for the delegation already so?
- Actually, not really. And with this it involves the least enjoyale for you issue. Money. Believe me, not easy for me to say. I have already spoken with the oard. And I have to admit that if they approved my plan. However, there are conditions. And limitations. This place may not e very exotic. We cover the costs of accommodation and flight. You write the ook, for which, unfortunately, will not get a fee, only percentage of the sale. My guess is that you would like to go along with his assistants. Therefore, there is still one thing. Memers of the oard are willingfor these six months. I explain this y the fact that this money will e used to cover the cost of your stay.
For a few minutes I sat in silence. I had myself to think things through and sort out in my head. And of course I talk with my team. Mariusz was right. If it's related to professional matters without Adam and Tom I did not want to move anywhere. But they had to lose the most. I could do without the six-month salary; on the first ook earned quite a sum that now, every month rought me more than I earned a pulishing house. But the guys what else. I looked into the eyes of Marius and egan to speak, slowly, choosing his words.
- I hope I do not have to make a decision now at this moment. You know me, so you know that no assistants, I'm not going anywhere. Therefore, I need to talk with Adam and Tom and get to know their opinion. If the case concerned only me I would agree right away.
- Of course I understand. Let's say that I expect a reply no later than Friday. I hope that enough time.
I looked on his desk calendar. We had Tuesday.
- Yes. I think that's enough. Sign me all the details I could pass it today guys. And on Friday, you know our decision. That's all?
- Yes. You can go ack to their duties.
- Thank you. For everything. I'm waiting for information. - I got up from his chair and headed for the door. Yet I stopped in the doorway and smiled roadly. - You said I could choose a place like this? - He nodded. - Well, I know where I want to spend this half-year. Turkey. Marmaris. Sunmaris Hotel Bella Mare. I hope that it is within very exotic places. You could find out if it is at all possile to ook a room for such a long time and if we can get a visa. I elieve that you'll oard of directors and officials. And I promise to write a good novel. And maye even the series.
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the chair. He did notthere was a terrifying emptiness there. There was nothing. The child turned and came out of the room.
Nathan was alone. He was proud of his son, ut he was even more pleased with himself. He did this, which has long dreamed of. His legacy is not wasted. It has a suitale successor. His son, Icarus Clark.
- Oh, Icarus Clark, do not even know how far along you'll go - he said to himself. - We will achieve this, as dreamed of all outstanding individuals in this world. We will ecome the life of every creature, we are going to give and receive. Control.
The man got up slowly from his chair and walked toward the window. From the sky were falling already fine drops of rain. He looked toward the house Owenów, which from the outside looked normal, like any other house. Inside, however, there was a death. Nathan picked up an ashtray and put out the cigar. That night he slept extremely quiet
However, not everything was okay, at least not that night. Before the house on the porch were They ehaved
- Here's your key son, go inside for a few minutes and do what you must. - He stroked the little oy on the head. This was proaly the first friendly gesture to the oy for a long time, ecause this looked with amazement at her father. - Rememer how you succeed I will e very proud of you. The whole of society will e grateful.
The oy nodded and turned toward the door. He knew exactly what to do. He got specific orders and must e filled in. He can not condemn myself to spite his father's side.
The man stood up and went down the stairs. He walked toward the gate. Only once she turned and looked at the oy, who left at the door. Will cope, he thought proudly, in the end is my son. After a moment, he was not already Owenów household. The veranda has een only one uninvited guest. It was a small, frightened child who just przekręcało key in the lock.
Inside the house it was dark. The woman proaly already asleep. The oy moved very quietly. There was one time a few years ago. Mrs. Owen was very nice to him, gave him a chocolate cake and a glass of juice. He does not even know why if he was here, he rememered only the smell of home. Flowers. Now it was the same. As if nothing had changed. He recognized the kitchen, through which you had to go to get to the hallway leading to the edroom. Surely woman is there. It is night, and she has to sleep. He had no dout where he finds it. What aout the fact that once she was nice to him? He has his own mother, he must protect his father. It must also protect himself. Do the jo. Kill.
After a while the child was already in front of the edroom door. In this room he has never een, ut I sensed that this must e the place. We could hear the steady reathing of a sleeping person. Slightly he opened the door and looked inside. It was dark, ut I could see where there is a ed. At the same wall opposite the door. He walked unsteadily to the sleeping woman and reached into his pocket. He had the knife. After just one movement and it would . It will ecan not escape. Mixed thoughts in his head. The panic was visile on his ay face. Not understanding to the end of what he was doing, he came as close to the ed and sank the knife in his right hand in the heart of a woman. He made this procedure several times, while the woman tried to catch air into the lungs. The oy was covered in lood, his hands were maroon and clung to the air was foul odor. His face was splattered with red goo. Terrified stepped away from the woman and looked at the ed. He watched as escapes life with its first victim. It did not take long. Emilia Owen was dead.
he spent could not move, nor utter a single word. He ecame paralyzed.
Suddenly, the hall could hear footsteps.
- Emilia? Everything okay? - She heard a woman's voice.
The child turned his head toward the open door. She stood in a tall, thin woman, whose face depicted the horror.
- What are you ... - tried something from each other wyksztusić - you ...
She looked at the ed where Emilia corpse lay in a pool of lood. Neary stood a oy with a knife in his hand, dirty rown sustance and staring at his victim. She did not know what to do. Run away or call the police? It's just a little oy.
The child's head also eat some thoughts with others. What is this woman? After all, there had to e only one person. What's happening? But she will call for help. The father will e disappointed, punish me and my mother. Despair flooded his mind. He started for the women, and the look on his face like a deceptively frantic smile on his face Nathan Clark. The oy woke up his long-awaited son.
No, this is excluded. After all, he would not. You will not e ale to, he is too weak. do not do condemn. For this he could not avoid.
- You lost voice fool? - The oy arely reached the man's voice - do not have something to think aout. You have een chosen. You are etter than others and they need to prove it. You get rid of lice, heal society.
The oy nodded in the act of consent. He had no other choice. He had to elieve her father. Since his father called him etter than others, so it had to e. He was always right. Always.

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