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But just to put the record straight, this isn't an activity for the kids. The sexual innuendo (references to casual sex and molestation), the bouncing boobs, the scantily-clad character models, yeah, this may not be something you wish your little cousin Frankie playing alone in the room. Questions certainly will arise that explain why Morrigan, Felicia and lots of other women amongst gamers have severe swollen pectoral areas. In spite of the simple pick-up-and-play gameplay and strategy elements, it's more for older gamers. At the same time, it's those older gamers which get not simply greater sexually-charged dialogue and can also recognize each of the characters featured. While Dante from Devil May Cry plus the characters from Tekken will likely be instantly recognizable, some will never be to more casual gamers. For that reason, Project X Zone 2 is often a title that 30-somethings should not simply try, but call or fold.
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